Move more to get the most out of life

Live an active life for so many good reasons

Great reasons to move more

You only get one life, so let’s get you making the most of it. Whether it’s with an activity you love, a time of day that works best for you or making it part of your everyday life, finding a way to move more is the way to go. Start living an active lifestyle, for so many good reasons.

  • Better mental health, social life and habits
  • Good physical health and quality of life
  • Manage health conditions and reducing your risks

Go on, prioritise an active, healthy lifestyle and the rewards will not only come your way but to those around you. Get active at home, outdoors or in a facility, with friends, family or go solo, today and every day.

Find what works best for you

Local Activities

Get moving in your local area with an activity that appeals to you. Make the most of what’s around you and start feeling your best every day.

You don’t need to look too far or hard for easy to access local programs, events or ways to incorporate an active lifestyle into your day to day life.

  • Get active outdoors with friends, family or choose an online option at home
  • Join a local group activity to get you moving and socialising
  • Attend a community event to keep your activity fun and challenging
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Personal Trainer

Having a Registered Personal Trainer to keep you motivated, create a personalised plan and monitor your progress can make the world of difference in achieving your health goals.

Make the best use of your exercise time, while being guided by an expert for the right technique, results and safety.

  • Use a Registered Trainer to keep motivated and workouts interesting
  • Get expert guidance on your health and lifestyle choices
  • Have support on your changing health needs and fitness level
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Gym or Wellness Centre

Explore a club that gives you options on when and how you want to be active in one place where like-minded people go, so take your pick.

Fitness Australia Business Members follow a national code of practice so you know you’re getting a safe, credible and committed service. The variety of gyms, fitness centres, wellness studios and bootcamp providers let you to explore what suits your needs.

  • Enjoy a team and community culture that keeps you coming back
  • Be around like-minded people, and professional support
  • Access fully equipped facilities with enough variety to keep it interesting
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Are you ready to get moving?

Our Vision

More people, more active, more often.

Fitness Australia is the peak fitness industry body which exists to get more Australians physically active. We facilitate the Australian Register of Exercise Professionals, develop industry standards, and encourage quality fitness services through accreditation.

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we work. We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, both past and present, and celebrate their cultural contribution to society.